Early learning and childcare

What types of early learning and childcare is available in Stirling?

We offer a range of different childcare options to enable you to choose which is best for you and your child. This includes 30 council nursery settings and 17 partnership nurseries, community nurseries and playgroups.

Some nurseries operate during term time only, while others are open on an extended year basis.

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What will my child learn?

The early years of a child's life are ones of rapid growth and development. Children enter their early learning years with a significant background of learning experiences within their families and with friends, neighbours and relatives.

During their time in early learning and childcare, provision for children is provided in a range of settings including the local authority, private and voluntary sectors. Staff work in close partnership with parents in developing children's learning. The vital contribution of early education lies in developing and broadening the range of children's learning experiences leaving them confident, eager and enthusiastic learners.

Early Childhood Educators support children's early learning through a variety of national guidance documents including:

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