Early learning and childcare

What early learning and childcare is available?

We offer a range of different childcare options to enable you to choose which is best for you and your child. This includes 30 council nurseries (18 nursery classes and 12 standalone) and 14 partnership nurseries, community nurseries and playgroups.

Use the drop down lists above to find out more about specific nurseries, playgroups and childminders.

Council nurseries 

Nursery classes based within some of our primary schools and are term time only. Usual opening hours are between 8.30 am and 4 pm. Most nurseries provide for 3-5 year olds, with some providing for 2-5 year olds. All our nurseries offer flexible sessions, which include the option for your child to stay for full days over lunchtime.  

Standalone nurseries are in separate buildings from primary schools and operate on an extended year basis, closing for one week each at Easter and Christmas, and on bank holidays. These nurseries vary in opening times between 8 am and 5.30 pm. Some standalone nurseries cater for 0-5years, while others cater for 2-5 years.  

Private partnership nurseries 

Most of our private partner nurseries are open all year round and cater for children age 0-5 years. Usual opening hours are between 8 am and 6 pm although some open earlier and later than this. Some of our private nurseries also offer out of school care provision. 

Partner community nurseries and playgroups 

All are open mornings only and during term time. Most community nurseries and playgroups accept children from 2 ½-5 years. Some are run by parents, while others are privately owned.  


Childminders provide opportunities for care, education and play in their own homes for children under 5 years and for school aged children. A number of childminders are now in partnership with us (details available in the drop down list above). A flexible service is usually provided all year round. 

Out of school care 

None of our nurseries or primaries offer after school care except Fallin Nursery. The Scottish Family Information Service provides information on local childcare availability including nurseries, childminders, playgroups, parent and toddler groups and out of school care.

Education Scotland has responsibility for evaluating the quality of pre-school education, all schools, teacher education, community learning and development, further education and local authorities. They also publish reports about services for children and evaluate child protection services.

The Care Inspectorate regulates all social care services in Scotland. Care services include care homes, childminders, day care for adults and children, support services, care at home, fostering and adoption services, secure and offender accommodation services. Reports about inspections of services are also published.