Early Years resources

What resources are available?

Undertaking small tests of change shouldn’t require a large amount of resource other than a piece of paper, a pen/pencil and some of your time.

To make things easier, there are a number of templates available that can be typed/edited or printed such as:

Process map guidance

You may want to map the current process of what you do before making any changes, this will help you to identify the part that doesn’t quite work or could work better.

Plan–Do–Study–Act (PDSA) template

This template will help you set out your Aim, Measures and Change concepts as well as guide you through planning, doing, studying and acting on your results.

Driver Diagram

At their most simple, Driver Diagrams are a plan on a page and are very useful to identify the big issues that you need to change to achieve your overall aim. It is expected that you will make ongoing changes to the Driver Diagram as you learn.

Like the PDSA template, Driver Diagram template is simply a tool and it can be used for strategic service planning as well as at a project level for individual pieces of work.

Project Charter

A project charter is a planning sheet for your project and is a living document, it is best completed with the team working on the improvement so that they all have an opportunity to contribute and take ownership. As your improvements progress it will likely be tweaked several times.

Reporting Template 

The template is easy to complete and creates your runcharts for you, all you have to do is add in the figures and the annotations.

Once you start testing and collating data it is important that you submit a monthly update to the EYC Programme Manager so that:

  • support and advice can be given
  • the learning from your test can be shared with other testers
  • the impact can be showcased locally and nationally
  • your test is shared with leadership and any barriers can be flagged up/removed.

Please contact the EYC Programme Manager to request a copy of the Reporting Template.