Nursery school places

NurseryHow do I apply for a place in nursery?

Council nurseries

You can get an application form directly from the nursery you would like your child to attend. Get in touch directly with the nursery and they will give you help and advice with the application process. Council run nurseries use an admissions criteria to decide how to allocate pages. The nursery will give you more information on this.

Private and voluntary sector nurseries, community nurseries and playgroups

If you want a place in a private or voluntary sector nursery, you should contact the nursery directly to ask about their application process. Places in private nurseries are usually allocated on a first come first served basis but other criteria may apply in voluntary sector settings.

Admissions and charging information

Please refer to the Admissions Guidance for all children eligible for the free early learning and childcare provision. Application forms can be obtained from your first choice nursery and returned to them once completed. More information is available in our Parent's Guide to Early Learning and Childcare Admissions and Charges Policy

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