Additional/extended hours nursery charging policy

All children aged 3-5 years are currently entitled, under the government’s arrangements to free early learning and childcare. Children attending either a council nursery or those nurseries in partnership with us, are eligible to 3 hours 10 minutes x 5 sessions (or the equivalent of 15 hours 50 minutes) per week, term time over the academic year.

“Eligible” 2 year olds are also entitled to the free early learning and childcare. Please refer to the Nursery Admissions Guidance for further information.

There is a charge of £2.85 per hour if your child exceeds his/her entitlement of 15 hours 50 minutes per week. Further details of this can be found within the Charging Policy. Information on charges for children who are under 3 years of age and who have no entitlement to any free nursery provision under the government’s pre-school nursery scheme is also available in the Nursery Admissions Guidance.

As part of our commitment to supporting vulnerable children and families our aim of providing access to affordable pre-school services, a range of exemption from payment categories have been agreed. These categories can also be found within the Nursery Admissions Guidance

For our partner nurseries and playgroups, if a child 3-5 years exceeds their 15 hours 50 minutes entitlement per week then their charges will vary. Please contact the respective nursery direct to find out what these charges are.  

Further advice and support...

Advice and information on the Tax Credit system and assistance with claiming credits where appropriate, is available from the Income Maximisation Team on 01786 442460.

This is a free and confidential service.

If you require any further information on the Charging Policy and how the changes may affect you, please speak directly to the Head of the nursery in the first instance.