Parenting and family support

Stirling and Clackmannanshire Community Planning Partnerships have developed a Parent and Family Support Strategy which outlines our commitment to ‘making a positive difference to children and young people through parenting’ in order for them to have the best start in life (see National Parenting Strategy). This commitment is reflected in both Stirling and Clackmannanshire’s Single Outcome Agreements (2013-2023) and in their shared Corporate Parenting Strategy (2013-2018).

The Parent and Family Support Strategy sets out the national and local context for parenting and outlines the vision, values and aims that all agencies and organisations will work towards, to improve the outcomes for children and young people, particularly those who are most vulnerable. This will be achieved by improving on the quality of universal services whilst developing evidence based targeted supports to help build parenting capacity for all.

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

To ensure the ability to meet the future needs of parents in Stirling and to plan for the expansion of early learning and childcare by 2020, a Childcare Sufficiency Assessment was carried out in August and September 2016.

The purpose of a Childcare Sufficiency Assessment is to establish the extent to which local childcare provision meets the needs of working parents or those who want to get back to work or develop their skills through education and training.

The research and consultation process included:

  • Household surveys of 875 families reporting the detailed childcare arrangements and preferences of 1,520 children aged 0 to 14 years or up to 18 for children with a disability.
  • A survey of local employers.
  • A survey of registered childcare providers.
  • Desk research on social and economic trends that may impact on future childcare demand in Stirling.

Key findings were drawn together in order to feed into local action planning.