Nursery - Raploch

Raploch NurseryImage of Raploch Nursery
Raploch Community Campus
Drip Road

Head of Nursery: Marion Wylie (Acting)

T: 01786 272337
F: 01786 272352
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Maximum number of children: 9 children 0-2 years, 15 children 2-3 years, 72 children 3-5 years
Age range: 0-5 years

Free childcare places for 2 year olds

The Scottish Government are now offering free childcare places to all 2 year olds whose parents are in receipt of Universal Credit. We are also offering free places to all 2 year olds who are looked after or in kinship care. Please contact us for more information. 

Raploch Nursery availability

  • Full time, 50 weeks
  • 8 am - 5.30 pm

About Raploch Nursery

Raploch Nursery is a standalone nursery within Raploch Community Campus. The nursery is open 50 weeks of the year, we offer flexible childcare options to meet the needs of our families. Raploch Nursery is at the heart of the community which has a welcoming ethos, whereby our families feel safe, respected and valued in their local community. We engage with our families in creating a nurturing learning environment by prioritising opportunities for family learning as we believe this foster positive attitudes towards lifelong learning. Our Values at Raploch Nursery: Children, Families and Community Together: Welcoming: Respectful: Honesty: Nurturing: Fun and Laughter.

Raploch Nursery inspections

Education Scotland has responsibility for evaluating the quality of pre-school education, all schools, teacher education, community learning and development, further education and local authorities. They also publish reports about services for children and evaluate child protection services. 

The Care Inspectorate regulates all social care services in Scotland. Care services include care homes, childminders, day care for adults and children, support services, care at home, fostering and adoption services, secure and offender accommodation services.