Unpaid work

Please note: The following information relates to offenders over the age of 16.  For Youth offending, please see Youth offending - general information

Community PaybackUnpaid work is a disposal available to Courts from 1st February 2011 which involves the supervision and support of offenders within the community.  These disposals are an alternative to custody.

Unpaid work operates seven days a week. Both men and women from age sixteen and above complete between eighty and three-hundred hours of unpaid work in the community.

Benefitting our local community

Projects take place within the local communities for the benefit of the community and vary according to an individual offenders skills or ability. Projects can involve:

  • Building maintenance and landscaping
  • Gardening and landscaping projects
  • Ground clearance work
  • Improvements to park and community facilities
  • Leaflet delivery
  • Painting and decorating in community centres and empty homes
  • Recycling projects

Our Community Payback team can provide unpaid labour for projects which benefit our local community.  We are continually seeking requests from individuals, local community groups and charities.  Our unpaid work service will provide labour and tools with the community group or charity organisation providing the materials e.g. paint, plants or building materials. If you are seeking our assistance, please complete a request

Recent projects

In Stirling last year the Service supervised more than 100 offenders undertaking Unpaid work. They worked approximately 22,000 hours helping communities through-out the year. Below is a selection of community projects which have benefitted from the assistance of unpaid workers:

Scottish Community Payback Awards

Our Community Payback team has won the Scottish Community Payback Award 2012 for "best partnership project" for our involvement in the Valley Project.  Find out further information about the award and the Valley Project in our news article

Community Payback Order annual report

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