Language and cultural support

The Cultural Co-ordinator in Scottish Schools Programme (CCiSS), an initiative developed by Scottish Arts Council, came into existence in 2002 across Scotland. The aim of the programme is to develop creative learning opportunities both in and outwith schools for children, young people and their teachers involving creative practitioners and cultural organisations across all genres – dance, drama, visual arts, crafts, music, film, animation, storytelling, literature, heritage etc.  

The main aims of the national programme are to:

  • increase and enhance participation in a wide range of cultural activities
  • help to change perceptions of the value of the arts and culture in the Scottish school system
  • help develop new professional capabilities at the education and culture interface
  • help contribute towards enhanced levels of achievement in Scottish schools

The main aims of the Cultural Co-ordinator programme in Stirling are to work strategically across primary and secondary schools to encourage, support and facilitate participation in cultural activities through a variety of opportunities involving professional artists and cultural organisations including:

  • one-off workshops to long term residencies
  • after-school opportunities
  • visits to performances, exhibitions and cultural activity
  • support for schools creating their own arts and cultural projects
  • workshops with local arts venues, museums and heritage centres including the Tolbooth, Macrobert and Smith Gallery and Museum
  • opportunities through national arts and cultural organisations including Scottish Opera, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Scottish Book Trust, Travelling Gallery, etc.
  • widen access and increase opportunities in a variety of cultural activities for children and young people
  • develop working partnerships between learning providers, cultural organisations and artists
  • raise the profile of the learning benefits of engagement with arts and culture both within and outwith school
  • organise and generate Continuing Professional Development opportunities for teachers and other learning providers exploring creative and cultural teaching and learning
  • access significant additional internal and external funds for creative and cultural activities
  • link creative and cultural learning activity to local and national priorities
  • advise on ways of developing children’s and young people’s creativity across the curriculum and its impact on learning
  • contribute towards enhanced levels of achievement for children and young people and extend the impact of culture and the arts beyond the expressive arts curriculum

Projects in Stirling have included:

  • Spectacular Vernacular
  • Raploch Riverwalk project (in partnership with Raploch Regeneration Trust)
  • Six Cities Design Festival Education Programme (in partnership with The Lighthouse, Glasgow and Stirling Cultural Services)
  • Wallace 700 (in partnership with the Tolbooth and Changing Room Gallery)
  • Creative Curriculum
  • DIGI – Digital Artists Residency
  • Natural Identity
  • Jazz and Traditional Music Workshops (in partnership with the Tolbooth)

For more information about the programme in Stirling or how it can support work in your schools please contact the Cultural Co-ordinator on 01786 274014.