Parent councils

The Parental Involvement Act introduced Parent Councils as the new representative body for parents in schools. Most of the schools in the Stirling Council area have developed their Parent Councils with aims that differ from school to school and which operate according to their own unique situations. However, in all cases they are there to:

  • work in partnership with the school and to create a welcoming place which is inclusive for all parents
  • to promote partnership between the school, its pupils, its parents and the local community

  • to identify and represent the views of all parents

  • to develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of the pupils (for some schools this includes fundraising and social events)

All parents are encouraged to become involved in their Parent Council in a way that suits them and their circumstances. For some parents this will be serving on the organising committee, for others it will be joining in with specific areas of work such as fundraising, helping with the school fete, developing the website or working on the school garden. There are lots of ways that parents can contribute and Parent Council representatives or headteachers in schools will be happy to discuss this with parents.

Some activities that Parent Councils are involved in where there are risks to third parties, e.g. fundraising and other events, require public liability insurance.

Information pack

This pack is designed to answer some of the questions you may have about Parent Councils and help you to make your Parent Council work well. If you have been involved with a School Board or PTA before, some of this information may be familiar to you but there will also be some new ideas that will help you develop your Parent Council. If this is your first time on a parent group this will give you some basic information and quickly help you take part in discussions and decision making.

More information is available from the Quality Improvement Officer on 01786 233201. You will also find some helpful information on the BBC Parents, Engaging Parents, Parentzone and the Scottish Parent Teacher Council websites. 



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