School travel and trips

School transport

The School Transport Policy sets out the eligibility criteria for free school transport.

Is my child entitled to free school transport?

Free school transport is given to the children who:

  • live more than two miles from their zoned school by the shortest available route
  • are required to travel to school using a route that has been assessed as being unsafe under Section 4 of the Transport Policy
  • have additional support needs.

We allocate any spare seats on school transport to pupils who are not entitled through our privilege pass scheme.

School transport is provided using existing public transport, contracted buses, taxis and agreed transport with a parents.

Can I apply for school transport online?

School trips

Providing educational experiences for pupils outside the classroom is an essential part of the school curriculum. Schools, Learning and Education supports establishments in seeking to maximise the opportunities for all pupils to enjoy a variety of educational excursions. There are many types of experiences that can be undertaken:

  • cultural visits
  • outdoor activities
  • environmental projects
  • national awards such as ASDAN, John Muir or Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • residential excursions at home and abroad.

Schools are encouraged to examine the opportunities they provide, as well as seeking to match it to the needs of individual pupils.

See also: Excursions Policy