St Modans Transport Request

Before filling in the Application Form below, please read the notes.

Provided to children over 8 years of age at the start of the school session, where the distance from home to catchment area school exceeds 2 miles by the shortest available safe walking route;

School transport will be provided when a route is assessed as being unsuitable for a child to walk to school whilst accompanied by an adult.

Child must be baptised Roman Catholic and copy of baptismal certificate must be e-mailed or posted to:

Stirling & Clackmannanshire Councils
Public Transport Co-ordination
Stirling Bus Station
Goosecroft Road

We cannot process your application until we receive the copy of your child's Certificate of Baptism.

Council's School Transport Policy

The application should be submitted a minimum working 7 days before transport is to commence.

The parent/guardian will need to make their own arrangements for the child to travel to and from school until any arrangements are put in place.

A Privilege Pass Scheme application form must be submitted if:

  • the child is not baptised Roman Catholic;
  • resides outwith Stirling Council area;
  • applied via a placing request.

Please note Privilege Pass spaces can only be granted where surplus spaces exist.

Please do not use this form if:

  • the child is transferring for the start of the school session from Nursery into Primary 1 at the catchment area primary school
  • the child is transferring from Primary 7 to the catchment area secondary school
  • you are looking for transport to a school that is not the catchment area school.  You should instead ask the school for information about the Placing Request Procedure
  • you are looking for concessionary transport on a contract vehicle
  • you wish transport for any reason other than those listed below