Adapting homes

Alterations by tenants

If you are a tenant of a Council property and seek to make improvements or alterations to your property, you may require permission prior to undertaking work.

Equipment and adaptations

If you are struggling with aspects of daily activities as a result of illness or disability, you might benefit from the provision of daily living equipment or an adaptation to your home to promote your independence.

Grants for disabled people

If you are an owner/occupier or private tenant with a disabled person living with you, you may be entitled to a disabled facilities grant.

Home repair assistance grant

If you are a homeowner or live in privately rented accommodation, are over 60 years of age and require house repairs or minor adaptations to your home, the home repair assistance grant may assist you.

Telecare (community alarm services)

Telecare provides a 24/7 monitoring, support and a means of summoning help and assistance if required.

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