Supporting your health with technology

There are additional types of assistive technology to support people with:

  • long-term health conditions
  • more complex disabilities
  • cognitive problems 

These types of technologies are provided by our partners at NHS Forth Valley.

Telehealth monitoring for long-term conditions

Telehealth monitoring for long-term conditions This equipment can monitor a number of vital signs, for example, ECG, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen levels, respiratory function, weight, blood sugars, blood clotting.  The equipment is provided to individuals in their own home.  A clinician can log on to a secure website for an individuals results which are triaged.  This equipment can help an individual to self-manage their condition.  

Environmental Control Equipment for complex disabilities

Environmental control equipment for complex  disabilities This equipment is for individuals with a complex physical disability for example, Multiple Sclerosis.  It is a very sophisticated remote controller which can enable an individual to control a door intercom or other door entry systems, lights and heating, hands-free telephone, all home entertainment, curtains, blinds, beds and chairs.  

Personal Digital Assistant for Cognitive problems

Personal Digital Assistant for cognitive problems This equipment is for individuals with a cognitive problem, for example following a head injury.  The Personal Digital Assistant has specialised software which can help an individual with appointments and scheduling events, help sequencing tasks, provide reminders and prompts and help with travel training.  It has both visual and audio feedback.

Contact us

For further information about any of the above technologies, please contact our partners at NHS Forth Valley's Reach team:

Tel: 01324 673733