Telecare - your stories

Find out more about how Telecare technologies have improved quality of life for Service Users and their families:  

Lauren's story - supporting people to be independent

Learn how Telecare has supported Lauren with her recovery after she sustained a head injury while providing her family with reassurance and peace of mind.

Telecare and Dementia

Learn how Telecare equipment allowed Mrs Smith to remain safe living with Dementia at her own home for longer.

Telecare and safe walking

Find out how a Telecare location device was able to provide reassurance for Mr Brown's family whilst enabling Mr Brown, who has dementia,to continue to enjoy safe walks outdoors.

Brian's story - supporting people with medication

Learn how Telecare has supported Brian to be independent with medication and provided Yvonne, Brian's wife, with the confidence to continue her employment.

Telecare and falls management

Find out how Telecare was able to reassure and reduce stress for the daughter of Mrs Jones, a 95 year old lady who lives at home alone with a history of falling at home.

Telecare and medication prompting

Learn how Telecare equipment has supported Mr Hill, who has short-term memory issues, to comply with taking his medication for pain management and to reduce carer stress for his wife.