Housing repairs - decoration and disturbance allowances

Decoration allowance scheme will be paid to you following significant response repairs

  • where wall finishes are damaged;
  • after capital works are complete or
  • at the start of the tenancy depending on the condition of the void.

Payments will be equivalent to £15 per wall decoration damaged.

A disturbance payment is compensation paid to you if you are forced to move from your home temporarily due to circumstances beyond your control.  This includes where the property has become uninhabitable and in need of essential repairs to rectify this or; there is a health and safety risk because of the need for essential repairs.

This allowance is intended to cover the expenses of relocating temporarily. 

We will store furniture and personal belongings, transport personal belongings needed to the temporary accommodation, connect a cooker, washing machine and any other necessary electrical items, at no cost to you.

The payment made to you is intended to cover, where necessary, redirection of mail, added transportation costs and compensation for the inconvenience.

These payments should not be mistaken for home loss payments, which are dealt with separately under our statutory requirements.

Each disturbance allowance will be assessed according to the type of temporary accommodation agreed between Housing Services and the you:-



You have accepted un/furnished temporary accommodation provided by Housing Services.  

One payment of the average weekly rent.

Rent will only be payable on one property, the rent charged will be equivalent to that of the property which they usually occupy.

You have accepted bed and breakfast temporary accommodation.


One payment of the average weekly rent.

Daily payment of the £14 per person to cover meals

Rent will be suspended on your tenancy until the return date determined by Housing Services.

You have agreed to stay with family or friends.

One-off payment of the average weekly rent.

Ongoing weekly payment equivalent to the standard weekly rent of the property they have been decanted from until the return DTE determined by Housing Services.