Council housing - current tenancy arrears

Arrears Recovery

If you're having problems paying your rent, are in arrears, or have former tenancy arrears we may be able to help.

Get in touch and we'll be able to talk through your options, in the strictest confidence.   

Housing Services also have Income Maximisation Officers who are here to help.
They can:-

  • Provide a Benefit Check to ensure that you are receiving all of your benefit entitlements.
  • Assist you to make claims for means tested and non- means tested benefits such as Income Support,JSA, ESA, DLA, Tax Credits, Pension Credits.
  • Assist you to make claims for Working Age and Retirement Age Benefits
  • Provide information on help with rent and council tax for people of working age.
  • Assist you to complete complex benefit claim forms and work with you to resolve any ongoing benefit issues.
  • Work with you if you are in Fuel Poverty or struggling with Gas & Electric Bills to see if there is a better option or tariff available.
  • Signpost you to various teams and agencies within the Stirling Area.  

If you have an enquiries about a outstanding rent arrears, current or from a former Stirling Council tenancy, you can contact us to discuss your options.