Garage arrears - Council housing

Garage and Pitch Sites Rent Arrears

What will happen if I am in arrears?

If you have rent arrears, you will receive a letter from the garage and pitch site team, this letter will advice you to clear all your arrears within 7 days and you should not disregard this letter. If you are struggling to clear your arrears, you should speak to the team and they will arrange to discuss with you a reasonable amount for you to pay every week in addition to your standard weekly rent until your arrears is cleared and you must not default any agreed payments without contacting the team first.

If you disregard the first letter, you will be sent a second and final warning letter which will advice you to clear the arrears within a period of 10 days and if you do not respond to this final letter or if you default an agreed payment without contacting the team, you will receive a notice of termination letter giving you 7 days to clear your belongings from the garage and return the keys to the team.   

The team will finally empty the garage into a storage if you fail to do so by the seventh day and arrange for you to pick up your belonging within 14 days; you will be liable for the cost of clearing and storage your belonging(s). After 14 days, if you do not contact the team and arrange to pick up your belonging(s) form the garage, they will be disposed off and the Council cannot be held liable for this action.

If you need help or advice about your garage or pitch site rent and/or arrears, contact the garage and pitch site team on 01786 404040.

What are the rent-free weeks?

There four rent free weeks each year where tenants do not pay for rent on their garage these are; two weeks in December and the last two weeks in March. During these weeks, all garage tenants who are not in arrears are not to pay rents, but those who are in arrears are expected to continue paying their arrears as agreed in other to avoid any further action towards eviction.