Council tax

Changes - Council Tax benefit has been replaced by Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

Pay online

Use your debit card to pay for your council tax online.

Check your property's banding

Simply search using your postcode on the Scottish Assessors Association website.

Check your balance

Our council tax portal allows you to view your account online. All you need is your Account Reference Number and your postcode.

Change your address

You can save time and update your details online with our change of address form

Set up a direct debit

If you choose to pay by Direct Debit you can set up Council Tax Direct Debit online now. You can chose to pay weekly; fortnightly; four weekly or monthly.  Monthly Direct Debit payments can be made over 10 months (May to February) on 1st or 17th of the month or over 12 months on 1st, 17th or 28th of each month.

You can, if you wish,

  • increase your payments each month,
  • pay before the date you are due,
  • pay all of your Council tax at once.  

You must make sufficient payments to cover the instalments billed by the date they are due.

What is council tax?

Council Tax is a local tax, which helps pay for the services the Council provides. It also provides funding for

  • the Police
  • the Fire Brigade
  • the Assessor

Council Tax is billed annually, usually collected in 10 monthly instalments due on 1st of each month from April to January.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to Council Tax Reduction Scheme.  This helps people on a low income pay their Council Tax bill.  

Council Tax Reduction does not cover any water or waste water charges which you are due to pay along with your Council Tax.

For details of how you might be able to cut the cost of your Council Tax bill see here.

Council Tax 2018/19 explained.  

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Leaflet

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