Council Tax Reduction - apply

You can make a claim if you are:

  • a pensioner
  • unemployed
  • working
  • disabled.

You can still claim even if you are not getting any other benefits, or if you have not made any National Insurance contributions.  

You will not be able to claim Council Tax Reduction Scheme if you (or your partner)

  • are not the householder or the person liable to pay the Council Tax at your address
  • have savings or capital of £16,000 or more
  • are excluded from receiving public funds, due to your status in the United Kingdom
  • have not yet moved into your house (however you may be able to apply for an exemption or a discount)
  • are a full time student in higher education  (however you may be able to apply for an exemption or a discount)

To work out your Council Tax Reduction Scheme entitlement, we will look at:

  • all of the money that you and your partner have coming in - including earnings, benefits, tax credits, pensions etc.
  • any savings that you and your partner may have
  • your circumstances - such as your age and the size of your family: the ages of your children: whether you or any of your family are disabled: if there is anyone else who lives with you who could help with the Council Tax.

Water and Waste Water Charge Reduction

If you get Council Tax Reduction Scheme and there are two or more adults in your household, you will also get a reduction of up to 25% on your water charges.  

Second Adult Rebate

Even if you don’t qualify for Council Tax Reduction Scheme based on your own income and circumstances, you may be able to claim a Second Adult rebate if other adults in your household are unemployed or on a low income.  

A Second Adult Rebate is not normally paid if the main taxpayers are a couple or if anyone in the household is paying rent to the taxpayer.

The amount of rebate you will get is normally:

25% of the bill if the second adult(s) is on income support/income-based JSA or Pension credit

15% of the bill if the second adult earns less than £180.00 a week or 7.5% of the bill if the second adult earns between £180.00 and £235.00 a week.  If they earn more than £235.00 a week no rebate is due.

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Full details about Council Tax Benefit are available from the Department of Work and Pensions..