Housing advice

We can help you with advice on the following- :

Homeless and Tenant services 

  • Assessment of homeless people
  • Prevention of homelessness
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Allocation of permanent housing
  • Mutual exchanges (homeswapper) 
  • Arrears repayments
  • Gypsy travellers - support and information
  • Income maximisation - advice and support
  • Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)

Property and Private Sector

  • Care and repair (for the over 60s)
  • Home energy efficiency
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) -  licensing
  • Housing services land and asset management
  • Right to buy 
  • Private sector housing enforcement
  • Private sector landlord registration
  • Private sector disabled adaptation grants 
  • Private sector leadpipe replacement grants 
  • Owner management services (Ex-local authority properties)
  • Scheme of assistance

Technical Services

  • Aids and adaptations
  • Council housing building programme
  • Cyclical repairs
  • Development of common housing register (CHR)
  • Development of housing and advice strategy
  • Fleet management
  • Fuel poverty
  • Health and safety
  • Home improvements
  • Housing for particular needs
  • Housing needs and demands analysis (HNDA)
  • Housing regeneration
  • Local housing strategy
  • Mortgage to rent scheme (MTR)
  • Repairs
  • Strategic housing investment plan (AHIP)
  • Strategic liaison with housing associations
  • Trade apprentices

However, if you are unhappy with our service or we have not done something when we told you we would, we want to hear about it.  We welcome the opportunity to sort things out and to improve our service.

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