Discretionary Housing Payment Scheme

If you are a Council tenant and currently receiving Discretionary Housing Payment because you are affected by the under occupancy charge (Bedroom Tax) you will shortly receive a letter inviting you to reapply for assistance in the next financial year, you should have this by early April.

If you are a Private tenant you should download the Discretionary Housing Payment application form and submit this application as soon as possible.

If your Housing Benefit award does not cover the full cost of your rent and you are experiencing financial hardship, you may be due extra help for a limited time under the Discretionary Housing Payment Scheme.  

You will need to provide a list of the things you have to pay for each week and receipts for your gas and/or electricity, any loan repayments, and other bills.  The Discretionary Housing Payment Scheme cannot help with Water and Waste charges or the repayment of overpaid benefit. Complete the application form or call us on 01786 233210 for help in applying.  Completed forms should be returned to Stirling Council, Teith House, Kerse Road, Stirling, FK7 7QA

The award of a Discretionary Housing Payment award is dependent in part on your financial situation.  If proof of your expenditure is not sent with your application this will delay the assessment.  A letter from your Doctor must support any additional expenditure due to medical reasons. 

If you require an extra bedroom because you have overnight access visits from your children, please provide a letter from your ex-partner detailing the arrangements.