Housing - general information and advice

We aim to provide and facilitate sustainable and desirable affordable housing across the Stirling area, working with tenants and others to deliver a transparent quality service where equality and fairness are at the centre of all that we do.

Our values demonstrate how we will undertake our activities and ensure that our vision is delivered.  They show how we will work with tenants, service users, communities and other key stakeholders to the benefit of service users and the wider community.

We will provide quality services, delivering sustainable investment, and work with others, demonstrating good management and decision making and eliminating the problems of homelessness.

Our Service consists of : -

Homeless and Tenant Services: this team is responsible for

Property and Private Sector: this team has the responsibility for

Quality and Performance: - this team is responsible for

  • Development of Housing and Customer Service systems and functions
  • Housing data collection and analysis
  • Performance management
  • Service compliance and quality assurance
  • Service development
  • Service policy and procedure reviews

Technical Services: this team has the responsibility for

  • Aids and adaptations
  • Council housing building programme
  • Cyclical repairs
  • Development of common housing register (CHR)
  • Development of housing and advice strategy
  • Fleet management
  • Fuel poverty
  • Health and safety
  • Home Improvements
  • Housing for particular needs
  • Housing needs and demands analysis (HNDA)
  • Housing regeneration
  • Local housing strategy
  • Mortgage to rent scheme (MTR)
  • Repairs
  • Strategic Housing investment plan (AHIP)
  • Strategic liaison with housing associations
  • Trade apprentices