Repairs - Decoration

When is a decoration allowance given?

We issue allowances to help towards the costs of redecoration where you have had capital works done, for example rewiring, kitchen and bathroom installations. We also issue decoration allowances where  responsive repairs are carried out and the decoration has been damaged.   Decoration Allowances are also issued to new tenants where the property does not meet the standard laid down by Council Policy.

What is the value of decoration allowances?

The value of your decoration allowance is intended to assist in the cost of redecorating the property. 

If you have any outstanding debts to the Housing Service (e.g. current rent arrears, former tenant arrears, homeless accommodation rent arrears, rechargable repairs or elective repairs) the decoration allowance will be paid to these debts.

Where can I spend it?

The decoration allowance is redeemable with the councils contracted decoration materials supplier, Dulux Decoration Centres.  It can be used to purchase paint, decoration materials, wallpaper and also additional items such as dustsheets, rollers, paint brushes, sandpaper, paste etc.  The allowance is valid for 6 months. 

How does it work?

When you receive your allowance you will also receive a paint colour chart.  A range of wallpaper can be viewed in store.  If you have any queries relating to Dulux products you can ask the staff in store or by calling 0845 850 2200.  You can also place your order by phone by calling 0845 602 3128.

All orders can be picked up from the store or delivered free to your home.

The nearest Dulux Decoration Centres in your area:-

Unit 1 9 Munro Road
Springkerse Industrial Estate

3 - 4 Castle Place

Unit 2 Farnell Stree
G4 9SE

What if the allowance does not cover all materials needed?

If your order is worth more than your decoration allowance you can pay for the remaining goods which will be charge at the councils negotiated rates, this means you may be getting a discount of as much as 40% of the retail price.

How do I find out more?  

If you have any queries with regards to your decoration allowance please contact us on 01786 404040.