Right to Repair

Questions and answers on right to repairs

What is the right to repair?

The Right to Repair scheme applies to all tenants of Stirling Council. From 30 September 2002, under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, Scottish secure tenants and short Scottish secure tenants have the right to have small urgent repairs carried out by their landlord within a given timescale. This is called the Right to Repair scheme

What repairs are covered by the scheme?

The scheme covers certain repairs up to the value of £350. The qualifying repairs are those that might effect your health, safety or security and need to be done quickly, such as heating repairs or water penetrating into your house.

What happens when you report a repair?

Stirling Council will:

  • tell you the repairs category for the repair – this is the time allowed to carry out the repair;

  • make arrangements with you to get into your home to carry out the repair

  • send you a text message to let you know you have reported a qualifying repair

Qualifying repairs include:

  • and broken mechanical extractor fan in internal kitchen or bathroom

  • unsafe power or lighting sockets or electrical fittings;

  • loss or partial loss of electric power;

  • loss or partial loss of gas supply;

  • blocked flume to open fire or boiler

  • insecure external window, door or lock;

  • loss or partial loss of space or water heating where no alternative heating is available;

  • toilets which do not flush (where there is no other toilet in the house);

  • blocked or leaking foul drains, soil stacks or toilet pans (where there is no other toilet in the house);

  • blocked sink, bath or basin; loss or partial loss of water supply;

  • leaking from a water or heating pipe, tank or cistern;

  • unsafe rotten timber flooring or stair treads;

  • loose or detached banisters or handrails;

When will the qualifying repair to be carried out?

All of the qualifying repairs are categorised as emergency repairs. This means we will respond: -

  • within 4 hours where there is a health and safety and/or security risk; and

  • 24 hours where the repair is likely to cause deterioration to the building or to develop into a health and safety risk.

If it is more convenient for you to make an appointment for our trades person to call, our team will be happy to arrange this with you.

What happens if the work is not done in time?

If Stirling Council does not start the repair within the time limit set, you can tell our alternative contractor, which is Clackmannanshire Council 01259 450000, to carry out the repair. You cannot use any other contractor. Clackmannanshire. Council will tell us that you have asked them to carry out the repair. Stirling Council will then pay you £15 compensation for the inconvenience.

How long does the other contractor have to complete the repair?

Clackmannanshire Council has the same length of time to carry out the repair as Stirling Council. If they do not carry out the repair within the time limit set, you will be entitled to another £3 compensation for each working day until the repair has been completed.

This amount can add up to a maximum compensation payment of £100 for any one repair.

What happens if i am out when Stirling Council calls?

If we cannot get into your home at the time you have agreed, your right to repair will be cancelled. You will then have to re-apply and start the process again.