Local Housing Strategy Documents

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A Local Housing Strategy covers a wide range of housing issues.  Provided below are links to a selection of the documents from the Council and other agencies which impact on these issues.

Stirling Council Strategies & Plans 

External Agency Reports and Information

Older Reports

Pre 2010 

  • Affordable Housing Planning Policy 2003
  • Homelessness Strategy 2003-06
  • Supporting People Strategy 2003-08
  • Local Housing Strategy 2004-09
  • Fuel Poverty Strategy 2004-09
  • Housing Information and Advice Strategy 2008
  • Home Energy Conservation Act Fifth Progress Report 2008
  • Private Housing Strategy 2008-2011
  • Single Outcome Agreement 2008-2011

HNDA Background Papers

Commissioned Research

  • The Abolition of the Priority Need Test: Assessing the Impact in Stirling 2006
  • Community Care Housing Needs Assessment 2006
  • Housing Needs Study 2007