Multiple occupancy homes

Following the meeting of the Environment and Housing Committee on 17th September 2015 approval was given for the adoption of the revised Supplementary Guidance SG05 and Houses in Multiple Occupation Overprovision Policy.

The effect of this new policy is to introduce a new concentration threshold of 1% within the Electoral Wards of Castle, Stirling East, Stirling West, Dunblane and Bridge of Allan. The concentration level outwith these areas will be limited to 5% for each Census Output Area, for any new first time HMO applications. This policy will apply irrespective of planning permission being required for “change of use”.

The Policy came into effect from 29th October 2015.


We strongly advise anyone seeking to create an HMO, to renew an existing HMO or change the licence holder through acquisition of an existing HMO property to contact the Private Rented Team on 01786 237678 or by email.

HMO Overprovison Consultation

Licensing for all HMOs was introduced to improve standards in this type of rented housing, in terms of both physical accommodation and the management of tenancy issues.

HMO licensing is run by local authorities. They work within a framework set out in law, and in guidance from the Scottish Government, but each authority will have its own particular procedures. The standards that are required also vary according to local policies.

An HMO licence is needed for shared flats or houses which are the main home of three or more unrelated people.  HMO licensing aims to ensure that accommodation is safe, well managed and of good quality. 

Remember: It is a criminal offence to operate an HMO without a licence.

Information for landlords, tenants and neighbours can be obtained at

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