Steadfast Homes

Who we are

We are a small company approved by the Scottish Government’s National Housing Trust (NHT). We have a portfolio of 102 properties and are continuing to add to this number. All of our properties are let on a mid market rental basis. This means that our rents are competitive compared to most other private landlords. We have appointed Stirling Council to manage our properties on our behalf.

What are our company aims

We aim to provide high quality accommodation whilst keeping rents at a reasonable cost. We are also committed to providing an excellent management service to ensure that our properties are competing with the best and to provide our tenants with value for money. Our portfolio is a mix of new build properties as well as second hand acquisitions. This means we have a balanced stock profile that we can offer prospective tenants and which allows us to secure rented accommodation in pressured and higher demand market areas.

Our service to you

We employ Stirling Council as our managing agent. Officers will ensure that new tenants are settled into their properties and explain terms and conditions of the lease. They will monitor common areas such as closes, gardens etc to ensure that they are kept up to standard. Our repairs service,should you require it, is second to none and we have a 24 hour contact centre should an emergency arise, the number is 01786 404040.

Typical rents

Our rents are competitive compared to most other landlords. Rents vary depending on size and location. We try to keep our rents in line with Local Housing Allowance rates. Council tax payments are not included within the rent charge and should be paid separately.

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Business address

Steadfast Homes
Old Viewforth
Pitt Terrace
Stirling FK8 2ET

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