Waste Collection

Improvements to the service

Your improved service has been designed to make it easier to recycle, allow more materials to be recycled and increase the resilience and reliability of our collection method read more..

Recently moved to Stirling

If you have recently moved to the Stirling Council area, you will be sent an information sheet about recycling and waste collection with your Council tax.

Household Waste - Additional Services 

We offer additional services for residents who require them these include:

  • A pullout and return service for bins and boxes for residents with mobility problems
  • e-bins for residents with medical waste.

 If you think you require either of these services, please contact us on 01786 40 40 40.

Which day of the week are your recycling bins are collected?

You can type your address or postcode into the My Bins page and find out your last and next collection days at a glance.   

Download your collection calendar

View or print your collection calendar. The calendar outlines grey and brown bin collection dates based on your postcode.

Think your bin may have been missed?

You can report missed bins online. If you sign in with a myStirling account, you can also track your request.

Firstly, please note:

  • It should have been out before 7am
  • The lid on the bin must have been closed and not containing contaminated items
  • You have waited until after 10pm on your collection day to report it.

City centre residents - alternative arrangements

Certain properties within the City Centre receive an alternative waste collection service.

Things to remember:

  • It is your responsibility to present bins and boxes in a safe and responsible manner no later than 7am on collection day. Please keep walkways passable.
  • Ensure your bin lid is closed and recyclables covered. Only items placed inside your wheelie bin will be collected.  Any excess waste/side waste presented outwith the bin will not be collected.
  •  In very windy weather, boxes and caddies can blow away if not secured. Assess the situation carefully and do not put out recycling if it's too windy or if high winds are expected overnight.
  • Please take your bin and box(es) back in as soon as possible after they have been emptied. 
  • For bulky items, a special uplift can be arranged. There are charges for this service depending on the type of material being removed. Contact Customer First on 01786 40 40 40 for further information.
  • Waste advice is freely available. Please call us 01786 40 40 40 if you require any advice or assistance.