Litter and flytipping

It costs the tax payer £11 million a year to clear up rubbish left around the countryside by fly-tippers - 73% of which is dumped by householders.

Stirling Council provides three civic amenity sites where householders can take unwanted goods free of charge and we will collect bulky items for disposal from people's homes, at a charge. A high proportion of the material left at civic amenity sites is now recycled.


If you witness any fly-tipping please report it online or call your local Police Station. Alternatively, you can call the National Campaign against the Dumb Dumpers on: 08452 304090.

Household Waste Recycling Centres

Civic amenity sites - Lower Polmaise (A905 Fallin), Balfron (Dunkeld Court) and Callander (Lagrannoch Depot)

Civic Amenities opening times.

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Dumb Dumpers
National Campaign website against fly-tipping.

Keep Scotland Beautiful
Keep Scotland Beautiful is an environmental charity which aims to achieve litter-free and sustainable environments.

Cleaner Routes to Schools - Litter Bin Provision

It was planned in liaison with Schools to supply and fit suitable high quality bin provisions intensively along the key routes to and from the High School.

The new litter bins were designed to carry the High School logo.  It was hoped that by having the logo, the school pupils & staff were taking responsibility for the litter issue and are subsequently increasing their care and concern for the environment.

It is anticipated there will be an improvement in cleanliness and litter levels within the specific areas, to the satisfaction of the Council, Community, Residents, tourists and other stakeholders. We have implemented this in McLaren, Wallace & Balfron High Schools, currently continuing the work in Bannockburn.

Litter fines

We carry out enforcement, issuing £80 fixed penalties, dropping litter is against the law and carries a fine.


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