Employee induction

Starting any new job can be challenging so we want to welcome and support anyone who joins Stirling Council and make the early days as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Everyone will have an induction made up of different elements and your manager will discuss with you how your induction will run and who will be involved.

You will probably have lots of questions as you settle in.  Please just ask your manager and other team members who'll be happy to help.

What is the purpose of induction?

Your induction is designed to give you a planned and structured introduction to the Council, your Service and team.  It aims to guide you through all the complexities of the Council, provide you with useful information and helps to answer any questions you may have about working with us.  Basically it provides a reference for you during the early months of your new job.

This will help you, as a new employee, to:

  • get off to a positive start
  • understand how your role fits in your team and the organisation
  • integrate well with you team and help build positive relationships
  • work towards your full potential


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