Equality and diversity

At Stirling Council, we believe every citizen and employee or prospective employee, has the right to receive fair and equal treatment, and we are committed to promoting fairness, dignity, respect and equal opportunity for all who live in, work in or visit the Stirling area.

Our continued commitment to pursuing equality for our citizens, communities and employees is set out in the Equality Strategy 2013 -17.

An Equality Impact Assessment of the Strategy confirms it will have a positive impact on helping the Council to meet the General Equality Duty, the needs of people in protected characteristic groups, and those experiencing or vulnerable to poverty in our communities. 

The Equality Outcomes identified in the Strategy provide the framework for action by the Council until 2017.  This is detailed in the Equality Strategy Action Plan.

Progess on delivering our equality outcomes is detailed in the Outcomes Progress Report (2015).   

The Equality Strategy was accompanied by a Mainstreaming Report 2013. This showed how the Council integrated equality across its activities and functions, in its roles as service provider and employer and contained employment information, including the Council’s policy on equal pay.

This report has now been updated by the 2015 Mainstreaming Report. This confirms how equality continues to be integrated into our activities and functions and also contains updated employment information. 

Summary of Progress.  This confirms the progress made across the  Council’s Equality Outcomes and summarises the composition of the workforce.  

Copies of these reports or extracts from them are available by request in a range of other languages, large print and in audio format. To request this information in any of these formats please email or call 0845 277 7000.