• There are no charges for this service as these are a public health issue


Certain concessions for payment apply e.g. OAP/UB40.  If you wish to request a concession, please phone 0845 277 7000.  We regret that concessions can not be processed on-line.


  • 5 days

Preventative Treatment




(possible nest sites)

n/a no realistic preventative measures you will need professional help dealing with an infestation of bed bugs

Stirling Council

  • There is no charge for this service as this is a public health issue


  • Includes repeat visits where necessary


  • The adult bed bug is an oval insect, 5mm long by about 3mm broad.
  • If the bed bug has not recently fed it is very flattened and red-brown in colour. Once it has fed it changes to a dark mahogany colour and becomes more rounded.
  • If the citizen is only receiving bites from the knee to his foot, then it is more likely to be fleas.
  • Bed bugs can be found in gaps in furniture especially beds where the legs meet the headboard.


  • Bed bugs are not known to be frequent carriers of disease and their importance is most related to the unpleasant irritation following their bites.

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