Flies & Bluebottles

Preventative Treatment




(possible nest sites)

keep food covered  or screened no realistic preventative measures no realistic preventative measures


  • the house fly is the most common flying pest in buildings - a prolific breeder and feeder among refuse and excrement from which it flies to human food.
  • the fruit fly is an unacceptable form of contamination in public houses, drinks factories, fruit warehouses, dairies, bottling plants and similar premises
  • the problem will generally only be treated if they are found within window frames or in the loft
  • there are over 100,000 species in the fly family
  • control methods for cluster flies have been little researched and they are often ineffective or at best, incomplete


  • flies can carry and spread a wide range of gastroenteric illnesses and food poisoning organisms
  • the house fly is found wherever suitable breeding conditions exist
  • they do not breed indoors are not indicative of poor hygiene

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