Preventative Treatment




(possible nest sites)

n/a block all cracks and holes in walls and steps curing dampness will make the house unattractive to them

General Information

  • silverfish are silver-grey in colour, torpedo shaped, and about 12mm long
  • they have long antennae, no wings and prefer the dark.
  • they are one of the world's oldest insects (traced back to the time of the dinosaurs)
  • they are of the same family as lobster, shrimps, crayfish and crabs and share wet damp environments
  • they normally live outdoors where they like moist places
  • they are nocturnal by nature
  • indoors they are usually found in moist areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • they survive on mildew
  • we will only treat if found indoors


  • they are harmless to humans
  • building humidity can intensify insect population e.g damp piping

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