Frequently asked questions

Do you treat for infestation by rats and mice?


Do you charge for treating infestation by rats and mice?

Yes, unless you qualify for a concession.

What if the rats or mice are coming from my neighbours?

If there is no fault on your part, then you will not be charged. Our officers will take steps to ensure the problem is treated at source.

How do I get rid of pests – who do I speak to?

We offer a Pest Control Service for the common pests. Call 0845 277 7000.

Do you treat rabbits, moles, or squirrels?

No. Contact a private Pest Control firm – check Yellow Pages.

How does the Pest Control service treat rats?

The only method we use is poison. If you do not wish poison to be used we cannot help; you would have to buy a rat trap yourself from any local Garden Centre or B & Q.

How does the Pest Control service treat mice?

We can supply a mouse trap to you and give advice on setting. We also provide the option of poison being laid.

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If you wish a Pest Officer to call please provide us with your details.  For more information please call the contact centre on 0845 277 7000.

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