Cost of Treatment




Preventative Treatment




(i.e. possible nest sites)

  • do not feed
  • ensure good structural repair of buildings
  • ensure roof tiles and soffits (area around gutters) are secure
  • repair cracks and holes in walls and steps and gaps under doors
Grey squirrels are capable of producing young twice a year between the months of February and September. If young are found in the nest, it will be necessary to wait until the young are taken foraging. Only when all the family is out should the access points be blocked.

Stirling Council

  • We do not treat squirrels - we can only give advice


  • The red squirrel is a protected species while the grey is classified as vermin
  • Grey squirrels were introduced to Britain at the end of the 19th century from North America
  • The grey squirrel is a common sight in local parks and gardens and because of its prolific breeding has to some extent led to the demise of the native red squirrel.
  • To breed, grey squirrels need a safe and secure site to build their nest, often called a drey, where they can escape predators, bear and raise their young, sleep overnight and escape inclement weather.
  • Usually the nest is constructed in a suitable tree, but other sites can be used eg lofts.


  • Can spread disease
  • Can damage goods and structures