Preventative Treatment




( possible nest sites)

n/a block all cracks and holes in walls and steps no realistic preventative measures


  • earwigs are small to medium sized insects, approximately 12-20mm long, with light to dark brown flattened segmented bodies
  • the female earwig lays batches of approximately 20-50 eggs just below the soil surface and looks after them throughout the winter, until the eggs hatch out in the early spring
  • we only treat if earwigs are indoors
  • primary habitat is outdoors but they scavenge on both live and dead animals
  • their role as a predator on aphids (greenfly) is seldom realised


  • although earwigs sometimes occur in significant numbers they are mainly known as a pest of horticulture - earwigs indoors are of nuisance value only and do not carry disease or pose a health risk

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