Mason Bees

Cost of Treatment (until 31 March 2011)
  • not applicable


see our concessions page for more details

Preventative Treatment

Food Access Harbourage (ie possible nest sites)
not applicable no realistic preventative measures re-pointing of crumbling mortar

Conditions of Service by Stirling Council

  • treatment is not usually practical, will call and advise
  • remedial action by a builder may be recommended to prevent possible future re-colonisation


  • are solitary bees, female forms multiple individual nests in dead trees, cavities in buildings and crumbling masonry
  • are capable of excavating soft mortar on walls·may use same area year after year
  • mainly feed on pollen
  • may use same area year after year


  • are unable to sting humans
  • presence in large numbers on wall can be alarming - sometimes confused with Honey Bee swarm
  • in extreme cases can affect structure of building
  • are beneficial to nature by pollinating flowers

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Definition of a mason bee by Wikipedia