Preventative Treatment




i.e. possible nest sites)

limit access to food, particularly sweet substances no realistic preventative measures no realistic preventative measures

Conditions of Service by Stirling Council

  • treatment may not be possible where access is restricted due to height or location
  • the wasps' nest will not usually be removed after treatment


If the location of the infestation is outside of the house please make the area identifiable ie mark with chalk or other and only do so if it is safe (ie please do not climb trees or mark area that is inaccessible ie on a roof etc) 

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General Information

  • wasps form nests in soil banks, roof spaces, wall cavities, trees and bushes
  • each nest has one queen
  • workers are very active foraging over a wide area
  • they will eat a wide range of foods e.g. sweet substances, rotting food, insects
  • nest colonies only survive for one year (in the UK)
  • new nest formed by queen each year starting in April
  • old nests are not re-used but new nest may be built close to old one
  • nest light grey/brown colour, made of paper, usually ball shaped
  • can be beneficial to nature by destroying insect pests in gardens
  • information on treating stings


  • painful sting
  • can spread disease from rotting food
  • can be a nuisance if close to or within a building