Preventative Treatment




(possible nest sites)

  • discard contaminated food
  • clean and sanitise all food contact surfaces which may have become contaminated before use e.g. worktops and utensils
  • ensure good structural repair of buildings
  • repair cracks and holes in walls and steps and gaps under doors
  • keep gardens tidy and free of clutter e.g. piles of bricks, logs, disused equipment


  • commonly found living beside man
  • live indoors and outdoors
  • may burrow in embankments and around buildings
  • may enter buildings through small openings at ground level and roof height
  • usually live close to food source but may forage in nearby area
  • will eat a wide range of foods
  • can be attracted by food source e.g. any open food, crumbs and spillages in the kitchen or store, bird food in the garden, compost heaps
  • source of water desirable but not essential
  • will nest in lofts, under floors, sheds, garages, embankments or amongst debris/clutter e.g. pile of bricks, logs, disused equipment


  • can spread disease
  • can damage goods and structures
  • can spoil food