Noise & Statutory Nuisance

Environmental Health will investigate and take action to resolve the following, if they are found to be causing nuisance or are prejudicial to health:

  • Any premises or part of premises (including drainage issues);
  • Smoke emitted from premises;
  • Fumes and gases;
  • Dust, steam, smell, or other effluvia;
  • Any accumulation or deposit;
  • Any water covering land or land covered with water;
  • Any animal kept in a place;
  • Insects emanating from premises;
  • Artificial light emanating from a premises or a stationary object;
  • Noise from premises (including railways) or emitted from a vehicle, machinery or equipment in the street;
  • Damaged areas of fencing of closed quarries that constitute a danger to members of the public;

Initially we will try to resolve any statutory nuisance informally but we can service a notice on the appropriate person requiring abatement of the statutory nuisance when necessary.

Complaints relating to council houses should, in the first instance, be made direct to the local housing office.

Scottish Water should be contacted on 0845 601 8855 regarding any defective sewer.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) should be contacted on 01786 457700 if your enquiry relates to:

  • the pollution of watercourses.
  • a waste carrier or waste management issue.
  • the control of pollution (including noise) from certain large industrial processes.


Environmental Health can investigate and help to resolve noise from:

  • Certain types of premises in relation to Statutory Nuisance, as described above;
  • Construction and demolition works;
  • Businesses, including licensed premises;
  • Vehicles and burglar alarms;
  • Dogs (by our dog warden service in the first instance);

Neighbour Noise complaints are the responsibility of our Safer Communities Team, who can be contacted on 0845 277 7000.

The Scottish Government is responsible for implementing the European Union Environmental Noise Directive (END).  The END lays down a common approach to avoiding, preventing or reducing, on a prioritised basis, the harmful effects of exposure to environmental noise.

For more information regarding the END and other noise and statutory nuisance related issues please visit:

Pollution Control

Environmental Health has specific responsibilities in relation to:

  • Noise and Statutory Nuisances,
  • Local Air Quality Management and
  • Contaminated Land