Private Water Supply Grant

Improvement Grant

The Private Water Supplies grant can provide financial aid of up to £800 per premise served by a private supply, irrespective of it being a type A or B supply.  It can be used for the purpose of carrying out improvements to source, distribution system and treatment of the supply. 

The Grant Scheme is non-means tested and you may be eligible for financial assistance if:

  • Your home or business is in the Stirling Council area and served by a private water supply;
  • The private water supply is the main or sole source of water for human consumption purposes to these premises; and
  • Your private water supply is in need of improvement to bring it up to modern standards

Applications can be made by individual premises served by a supply, or by numerous premises through a joint application. Joint applications can be beneficial when work is to be done to improve the source and distribution system between the source and premise. 

The standard procedure for applying for the grant is as follows:-

·        A water sample is taken to establish what contaminants may be present.


·       A risk assessment of the supply is carried out to identify where improvements can be made.


·       The applicant obtains quotes for the intended work, and sends copies of these along with a completed application form to Stirling Council for approval.


·    Once approval has been given, work may commence.  You should not start any of the improvement works before your application is approved and we have agreed that the expenditure is necessary.   Work started before approval has been given is not eligible for the grant


·        Upon completion of the work, a further water sample shall be taken to ensure the work has been successful.


·     The applicant should pay for the completed work, and send copies of the receipted accounts

     to Stirling Council for reimbursement.


There are some exceptions to Grant approval, the most common being:

  • New builds.
  • Houses under Closing Orders, Demolition Orders or a Dangerous Building Notice.
  • Empty or unoccupied premises,
  • Connection to the mains water supply.



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