Food poisoning

How is food poisoning caused

Food poisoning is caused by eating food which contains germs such as salmonella and E coli. It can also be caused by other things such as chemical or viral contamination.

If you think you have food poisoning you should contact your doctor who will request a stool sample. You should also contact Environmental Health.

Eating Out

If you have recently eaten out, either at a restaurant, takeaway or at a function and know of anyone else there who has similar symptoms, you should give us the details. If you have any of the food left, keep it in a safe place, preferably in the fridge, as we may want to analyse it.

Working with food

If you work with food, very young children, the elderly or people with impaired immunity, you should always tell your supervisor when you have sickness or diarrhoea.

Our Environmental Health team works with NHS public health departments and prompt action will be taken if any outbreak of food poisoning is suspected.

For further information, please contact us on 01786 404040 or e-mail us.