Alcohol licences

To view all current Board and Occasional licence applications see Tell Me Scotland follow the link and add postcode on left to see specific areas

For information on licences for alcohol and applications, choose the category from the drop-down below. A Personal Licence authorises a person aged 18 or over to supervise or authorise the sale of alcohol. An Occasional Licence is required if you want to sell alcohol from unlicensed premises in Scotland.

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Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005

The Act sets out 5 Licensing Objectives. These represent the principles on which the licensing system is based, and provide Licensing Boards with a solid foundation on which to build their own local policies. These objectives are not ranked in order of importance. Each has equal weighting and all must be paramount considerations when Licensing Boards are carrying out their responsibilities. 

These 5 objectives are:

  • Preventing crime and disorder;
  • Securing public safety;
  • Preventing public nuisance;
  • Protecting and improving public health; and
  • Protecting children from harm

Licensing (Scotland Act) 2005 - Delegation of Certain Decisions

Licensing Board Publication Scheme

Licensing Board Dates 2017

Licensing Board Dates 2018

District of Stirling Licensing Board - Standing Orders

District of Stirling Licensing Board Financial Report 2016/17