Premises Licence


Alcohol licensed premises application for grant of new licence.

Premises are no longer categorised into:

  • pubs
  • hotels or
  • restaurant licences. 

Instead all premises have the same sort of licence, known as a Premises Licence.

The premises licence has  to include details of activities, trading hours and a layout plan of the premises.


  • Each premises must have a Designated Premises Manager who must hold a Personal Licence
  • An individual may not, at any one time, be the premises manager of more than one licensed premises. and, accordingly, if an individual who is the premises manager of licensed premises is subsequently specified in the premises licence of other licensed premises as the premises manager of those other premises, the subsequent specification is of no effect. 
  • If the Designated Premises Manager leaves the premises, the Premises Licence Holder has 7 days in which to notify the Licensing Board and then 6 weeks to nominate a new Premises Manager. 
  • Failure to nominate will result in the Premises no longer being able to sell alcohol.