Parking and car parks

rUse our interactive Car Parks map to find your nearest car park.

We have 4 free car parks and many inexpensive car parks close to the city centre.

Council Car Parks

There are 37 car parks within the Stirling Council area.  These car parks are either pay and display or free.

The pay and display car parks require the driver to park in a marked bay and to purchase a parking ticket from the ticket machines or display the necessary permit / badge.  The parking ticket / permit / badge should be placed on the inside of the front windscreen, facing forward so as to be clearly seen from outside the vehicle.  Before leaving the vehicle the driver should ensure it is visible from the outside.  An Off Street Traffic Regulation order gives the Council powers to carry out enforcement and issue Excess Charge Notices to any vehicle parked in breach of the displayed conditions of use of the car park, which are displayed on the ticket machines and signs within the car park.

  An Excess Charge Notice will be issued for the following reasons:

  • Parked without displaying a valid parking ticket
  • Parked with an expired parking ticket
  • Parked within a disabled bay without displaying the necessary blue badge
  • Parked within a residents bay without displaying the necessary residents parking permit
  • Parked with an incorrectly displayed parking ticket, eg no expiry details visible
  • Parked over two bays
  • Parked in excess of permitted time.  

The Stirling City Parking Guide provides details of the Council car parks within Stirling City Centre. 

Charges for Callander and Dunblane.

Motor Home Parking

Motor home parking is permitted in any Stirling Council car park subject to the relevant pay and display charges. There are no specific parking bays for motor homes within our car parks although the driver should ensure that the motor home is parked within the boundary of one parking bay, ie not overhanging another parking bay at either the back or front of the vehicle and not straddling two parking bays.

It is also worth noting that sleeping overnight in a motor home parked in one of our car parks is prohibited.

Motorcycle Parking

There are bays within Stirling City Centre dedicated to motorcycle parking, however, motorcycles are also permitted to park free of charge and without limit of time in any of the Council's Pay and Display car parks.  

Decriminalised Parking Enforcement

Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE) transfers the enforcement of all parking, waiting loading restrictions powers from the Police to the relevant local authority (in this case, Stirling Council). As a result illegal parking becomes a civil rather than a criminal matter.

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