Corporate Address Gazetteer

In common with all local authorities in Scotland, we maintain a definitive Corporate Address Gazetteer (CAG), which contains addresses for all properties (as well as some land and other assets relating to council business) within the Stirling Council area.

Geographic location of property

Almost every service provided by the council relies on the address or geographic location of property. The aim of the CAG is to have a single address dataset that all services can reference instead of maintaining their own in order to decrease duplication and promote more efficient, joined-up working.
By tying together addresses it allows quick referencing and sharing of records Council-wide. CAG ensures that this information is always available from a single, high quality source within the Council.
Currently services such as Planning, Building Standards, Environmental Health, and the Contact Centre use this single source of addresses.
Additionally the information is provided on an online mapping system (Location Centre) to all employees within the Council and the Assessors. CAG is obviously available as an address list but can be used geographically exploiting the mapped element of the addresses, eg strategy work for such things as routing or targeting service to locations where it's most needed.

CAG diagramMaintenance

We maintain the CAG locally and also provide CAG updates to the One Scotland Gazetteer ( on a weekly basis. It is maintained in accordance with the current British Standard for Geographic Referencing (BS7666: 2006 and the Scottish Gazetteer Conventions). The National Gazetteer is compiled from all 32 local CAG's and is a key part of the Improvement Service Customer First Programme.


The Council's role is to maintain quality, currency, compliance and integrity of the CAG data, provide regular updates to the National Gazetteer, promote CAG integration with other Council services and outside agencies, as well as to co-ordinate links with the Local Street Gazetteer (LSG), Street Naming and Numbering (SNN) and the Assessors.

Rural areas

Currently we have ongoing quality improvement project work concerning locality information maintained within the LSG, as the CAG relies on this for its street and town/locality information. This ongoing work should see higher quality address information in the CAG particularly for rural areas.
Work is also ongoing on theclassification of the CAG data in compliance with the Scottish Gazetteer Conventions.


To enquire about any aspect of the CAG please call our CAG Custodian (01786) 233666, or contact us by e-mail.