Local and Statutory Development Plans


The Stirling Local Development Plan 2018 was adopted on the 8th of October 2018. It applies to the Stirling Council area with the exception of areas within the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, where the National Park Authority is responsible for planning.

The Local Development Plan - or LDP - sets out the council's policies and proposals for the use of land in the area. It guides development to the most appropriate locations, whilst ensuring that the quality of the built and natural environment is protected. The plan also sets out how any new improved facilities, such as roads, schools and parks will be provided. The policies are applied when assessing planning applications.

Supplementary Guidance

The statutory development plan also comprises of Supplementary Guidance. Guidance on a range of different topics has been adopted by the Council in support of the adopted Local Development Plan.

We are currently reviewing all 36 adopted Supplementary Guidance (SG) documents that form part of the development plan. As part of the review of Supplementary Guidance, three SGs have been published for consultation. Comments on these four draft Supplementary Guidance documents can be made up until Friday 9th March 2018.


To inform the Local Development Plan, the Planning & Policy team undertake annual monitoring of development relating to housing, employment and retail, in addition to areas of vacant and derelict land.


If you have any queries on the Local Development Plan or Supplementary Guidance, or would like to be added to our contacts database to be kept up-to-date, please contact the Planning Policy Team by e-mail or telephone (01786) 233660.


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