Proposed Local Development Plan - Proposed Supplementary Guidance

As part of the Local Development Plan process, Stirling Council has produced the following Proposed Supplementary Guidance documents. These are available to be downloaded.

SG01 - Placemaking
SG02 - Green Network  -  On-Line Version
SG03 - Green Belts  -  On-Line Version
SG04 - Affordable Housing
SG05 - Houses in Multiple Occupation
SG06 - Health Care Facilities
SG07 - Conservation Area Statements and Appraisals
SG08A - Stirling's Major Growth Area - Durieshill
SG08B - City Centre Development Framework
SG08 - Argyll Centre Planning Brief
SG08 - Stirling Ice Rink Planning Brief
SG08 - Rainbow Slides Planning Brief
SG08 - Burghmuir Planning Brief
SG08 - South Stirling Development Framework     Part 1     Part 2
SG08 - Kildean Development Framework
SG08 - Forthside Masterplan     Part 1     Part 2
SG08 - Raploch Design Guide     Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6
SG08 - Cornton Development Framework     Part 1     Part 2     Part 3
SG08 - Cultenhove Development Framework     Part 1     Part 2
SG09 - Network of Centres 
SG10 - Housing in the Countryside  plus Design Guide
SG11 - New Uses for Redundant Rural Buildings
SG12 - Residential Alterations and Extensions
SG13 - Advertisements
SG14 - Ensuring a Choice of Access for New Developments
SG15 - Education Provision
SG16 - Developer Contributions
SG17 - Low and Zero Carbon Buildings
SG18 - Planning and Flood Risk Management
SG19 - Waste Management: Requirements for Development Sites
SG20 - Historic Environment: Energy Efficiency and Micro-renewables
SG21 - Historic Building Recording
SG22 - Shopfronts
SG23 - Introduction to Archaeology in the Stirling Area
SG24 - An Introduction to Battlefields and Planning in Stirling
SG25 - Boundaries & Hardstandings in Conservation Areas & around Listed Buildings
SG26 - Biodiversity Conservation
SG27 - Protecting Special Landscapes  -  On-Line Version
SG28 - Landscape Character Assessment  -  On-Line Version
SG29 - Landscape and Planting Requirements for new Developments
SG30 - Forest and Woodland Strategy
SG31 - Trees and New Development
SG32 - Trees and the Law
SG33 - Wind Farms and Wind Turbines  -  On-Line Version
SG34 - The Water Environment
SG35 - Chalet Developments