Proposed Local Development Plan - for Council

Proposed Plan Draft for Council

Chapter 10: Settlement Statements

Part 1: Ardeonaig - Doune

Part 2: Dunblane - Plean

Part 3: Stirling

Part 4: Strathblane - Throsk

Proposed Supplementary Guidance


Should the Proposed Plan be approved by Stirling Council on 26th September, the Plan will be published on 15th October 2012. The period for making representations to the Plan will commence on 15th October until 10th December 2012. Any representations to the Plan must be made in writing and clearly explain the reasons for commenting and the changes to the Plan that are being sought (further details including a downloadable comments form will be provided once the Plan is published).

The Proposed Plan will represent the settled position of the Council and it is not intended therefore to hold any specific community consultation events. Any unresolved representations to the Proposed Plan will be summarised by the Council and sent to the Scottish Government Department for Environmental Appeals who will likely hold an Examination into the Plan, sometime during 2013. Further details of the process and timescales for preparing the Plan are contained within the Development Plan Scheme above.

Main Issues Report

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Getting in Touch

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